Mission & Vision

At Sage, we believe that a world powered by Artificial Intelligence is a better, more productive world, which enables more freedom and abundance for human-kind. We know the impact that Artificial Intelligence will have on our society, in the years to come, and we intend to pioneer this transition in the most conscious and safe way, considering all aspects and potential impacts with such a shift.

We will begin by first reducing all of the menial tasks that frustrate our knowledge workers, and instead allow them to focus their time and energy on higher-order tasks that excite and inspire them instead.

Additionally, we will develop a job replacement program to ensure that any employees that get replaced as a result of our software, will be placed in a role that is better and even more in-alignment with their highest purpose.

This will result in a net-positive effect on our entire society, whereby the customers of the companies we work with will enjoy a better customer service experience, the customer service agents at these companies will operate more efficiently and more human, and anyone that gets replaced in the process will be gently placed in a role that's even more in alignment with their personal passions.

Our Team

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