How Monday Swimwear improved their response times & saved hours of work

Their response times were "really bad". They felt "very overwhelmed". Weren't able to "hop on" in time. Having SageTalk as a "buffer" is "super helpful".


The Problem

Monday Swimwear is a e-commerce website started by two instagram influencers Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman.

In 2017, they started to take advantage of chat as a way to answer their on-site visitors questions prior to buying a new bikini. Very quickly chat became a reason for increased sales and revenue generated by the Monday Swimwear brand.

They have a global customer base with customers ranging anywhere from the west coast of the United States to Australia. They also typically recieve many questions prior to the customer checking out. They were feeling overwhelmed by the amount of chats they were receiving, and often times were not getting to the chats in time.

They knew that they we're losing out on sales and they decided to look for a solution to respond to thier customers without increasing their staff.

Enter SageTalk.


The Results

After 1 month, SageTalk was able to handle 150 different questions that their customers had. This made up of about 70% of the total questions asked.

This allowed thier support team to focus on the questions that truly had to be answered by a human.

They also found that more website visitors started engaging the bot becuase it was so easy and accesible.

Harmony was restored at Monday Swimwear and Shannon & Sage (on the customer support team) we're happy campers to say the least.

I like playing with her (the bot). She's extremely helpful. As our brand grows and start to get more collections, it’s very easy to modify and update Sage (the bot)'s brain.
Sage Hernandez Sage Hernandez Monday Swimwear