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Affordable & reliable Sales & Customer Service Automation. Zero Training Needed.

  • Self-learning

    No Coding Required

    Using SageTalk's Bot Builder, you can create perfect conversation flow for your website in minutes.

  • Workflow

    Smart Templates

    Whether you want to automate Cusomter Service questions, or you want to capture leads for Sales SageTalk's got you covered. With a variety of pre-build templates you can get your bot answering your customers queries in no time.

  • Multilingual


    SageTalk can answer questions in any commonly-used language at no additional cost.

  • Transfer to live agent

    Transfer to live agent

    SageTalk can integrate with your existing Live Chat platform such as Zendesk, or it has a built in Live Chat platform you can use to pick up conversations that the bot missed.

  • Analytics


    SageTalk has super-charged analytics dashboard providing insights that you never dreamed you've have before. You can find out where users are falling off in your processes and can make process changes accordingly.

Why Automation?

Automation so affordable it doesn't make sense not to have it

How it Works?

Sage integrates with your existing support systems and instantly starts resolving queries for you

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    The onboarding takes 10 minutes. You pick a template, fill in key data points, and choose you integration.

  • And just like that, you will make your customers happier, your collegues happier, and increase your efficiency by 20% or more.

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