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A comprehensive automation solution that includes automatic self-learning, analytics, and super-intelligent "Flow" management.

  • Self-learning


    SageTalk learns on it own. All it needs is your approval. It learns from chat logs and can quickly index Knowledge Base articles.

  • Workflow


    SageTalk can automate basic Q&A, and supports sophisticated Flows like resetting passwords, can handle refunds and order returns, and logitical requests like "Where is my order?".

  • Multilingual


    SageTalk can answer questions in any commonly-used language.

  • Transfer to live agent

    Transfer to live agent

    SageTalk also includes native handoff to the Live Chat platform of your choice. When the bot stumbles across a question it hasn't been trained on, it very swiftly escalates it to a live agent.

  • CRM integration

    Integration with CRM

    SageTalk automatically syncs up with your CRM like Salesforce; ensuring all SageTalk conversations are represented in the Customer Profile in the CRM. It also handles creating tickets / cases.

  • Analytics


    SageTalk has super-charged analytics dashboard providing insights that you never dreamed you've have before. You can find out where users are falling off in your processes and can make process changes accordingly.

How it works

Train SageTalk with Questions & Answers and Complex Workflows, and SageTalk will be able to handle 70% of your support query volumes, instantly.

How Sage Works

Sage flawlessly integrates and works with your existing support systems to handle repetitive queries and reduce support time.

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Tom Lev

We have entered into an entire new era where the customer expects their problems resolved quickly and easily. Long wait times are no longer acceptable.

Sage AI is pioneering the AI-enabled Customer Service space with a product that will facilitate communications with your customers, providing the highest level of service, while driving the best possible Customer Service experience.

We are already powering several companies with our smart self-learning AI technology, and are looking to service many more in the near-future. Thank you!

Tom Lev Signature Tom Lev CEO, Sage AI